hello fellow peeps
Im an old School hacker from the 60's .first computer was a timex FIrst Modem was a 2400Baud .First Hacks were On BBS's thru phone lins and audio connections.Phone Phreakin and infiltrating computers via dial up was the thing. programming in DoS and CPM os . oh yea 64 k of ram. . well progressed to days of BIG DISHS when Videocypher programming eproms with GI Buster and thye widdard lasted 12years then little dish dtv and the p1,p2 and p3 smart card cyphering came and eventually took out all the cards. i invented the ff unlooper and help vcofde the atmel and was the original inventor of the unlooper .. others followed . those were the days man. anyways Im highhacker ,long time gone and if you need anything let me know . Im an electronics engineer  and a free energy inventor by trade .retired but still active. thanks for hearing some of my Rant ..Peace
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